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Day Trip from Amsterdam to Kinderdijk & Rotterdam

Quick Details

Family (4 person minimum)
Child (<11 years)

Day trip from Amsterdam to Kinderdijk & Rotterdam

Take a day trip from Amsterdam to two amazing cities in the Netherlands! Your day tour will begin when you are picked up from your accommodations in Amsterdam by your local host and private driver.

We will head to Rotterdam, the second city of the Netherlands. Rotterdam is an in-your-face contrast to old-world Europe, with its angular glass-clad buildings and ever-changing skyline. Having been bombed flat during WWII, Rotterdam quickly transformed itself and, as hope springs eternal, sprouted a flurry of modern buildings, cementing itself as an architecturally trailblazing city. The short walk in the city center will give you an overview of the impressive architecture of Rotterdam.

You will discover the city’s most amazing examples of modern architecture in the Netherlands as well as historical landmarks. You will find many architectural sights throughout the city like Markthal, the famous Cube Houses, the Erasmus Bridge and the Town Hall on your Rotterdam day tour.

If you wish to wander around the city on your own, your kids can have fun at an indoor playground where your local host will take care of them and stay with them.

Then we’ll experience the Dutch rivers with the Waterbus, the biggest public aquatic transportation company in the Netherlands. Step on board. We will continue from modern Rotterdam, the largest harbour in Europe, to Kinderdijk.

Travel back in time and experience the story of windmills, water, and willpower in Kinderdijk! You will dive into the countryside of the Netherlands and explore Kinderdijk, a village home of UNESCO World Heritage Site windmills which you will explore.

There will be some family fun time for the kids to enjoy the unique atmosphere of the windmill Blokweer. Here, you’ll stroll right into life as it was lived in the fifties of last century. Discover how the former residents of a real windmill used to cook dinner, do the laundry, relax, and go to bed.

Our millers will show you exactly how this 400-year-old mill is still in perfect working shape today. In fact, it is in good enough shape to make anywhere up to a million rounds every year!

Book your Rotterdam and Kinderdijk family trip online today!

What’s included?

√ Your private local host
√ Pick-up service
√ Surprise for your kids
√ Brunch / lunch
√ Craft activity for your kids
√ Family picture
√ Boat trip of 35 minutes
√ Private Diver

Additional two family members (children of 11 to 15 years): 35€ per child
Additional two family members (16+): 82,40€ per person

The full day tour will last for about 8 hours.