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Cultural City Tours in and around Amsterdam by Wanderlust Mama & Co

Get the most out of your visit to Amsterdam, with a tour that provides the fascinating charm of the Netherlands along with fun-filled characters, activities, and games for your child!

Out of ideas to entertain the kids during your holiday?

We’ve got you covered, at Wanderlust Mama & Co every tour is designed specifically for kids. We invite you to discover our city packed full of fun, wonder, and often crazy attractions. The point is that whether your children are toddlers or teenagers, Amsterdam is a true star destination.

  • Set off on an adventure that includes door-to-door service and an array of personalized perks because besides entertainment and education, there is time for leisure, creativity and delicious food and drinks. Wanderlust Mama & Co attends to every single detail by planning the itinerary for you, leaving you free to simply relax, unwind and make the most of your visit.
  • Savor iconic Dutch experiences as you bring new characters into your life and let them lead the way! Wanderlust Mama & Co’s mission is to introduce you to characters who can bring even more inspiration, laughter, and connections to your trip because we tell stories, play games, and/or use visual materials to capture your imagination as you learn about the rich history of our beautiful country.
  • The tours are offered in English, French, or Spanish with or without parents. Of course, parents are welcome to join but we want you to feel with the liberty to also choose a moment for yourself while you can rest assured that your children are fully taken care of.
    At Wanderlust Mama & Co we care about your peace of mind; we offer a GPS tracker so you can rest assured from anywhere you are, in real-time of their secure location and whereabouts.
Debora is standing next to a yellow bike

Meet Debora

I am an outdoorsy mom, enjoy travelling, love trying new things out and being out of my comfort zone.

When I travel, I feel that my usual experiences are massively improved by getting closer to the city through a local in the know.

I am interested in cultural activities, trying local food and wandering around new cities. I’m always looking for the best kid-friendly coffee and cake shops, hotspots or hidden gems.

“Curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”

Providing people with a great travel experience is what I like doing most.