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Clog Bike Tour – Visit a Dutch Cheese Farmer & a Clog Factory

Quick Details

One Adult (price per adult)
2-4 Adults (price per adult)
4-6 Adults (price per adult)
Child (<10 years)

Let’s enjoy a wonderful bike ride on a Dutch clog bike, that is fun for you and your kids!

During the ride, your loved ones will stay be entertained while seeing the city. Get on your bike and let your kids ride in the clog in front of the bike. We will ride to Amstelpark and see how your kids enjoy the breeze.

Along the way, we will also visit the entertaining Dutch farmer at his cheese farm and clog factory. At the farm, the traditional art of making wooden shoes and famous Gouda cheese will be demonstrated. You can try on a pair of wooden shoes and maybe you are the lucky one that really can walk with those shoes on, just give it a try! A little surprise, especially for you, is waiting.

The Amsteltrain is another fun ride in store for you! This train dates from the time of the Floriade and it will take you past the Rosarium, the Rhododendron Valley, and the Riekermolen – a typical Dutch windmill that kids will love. Along the way, there is a fun stop at a super nice playground.

Also, we’ll take a refreshing break where your family can enjoy a drink and eat yummy Dutch pancakes in all flavors you can imagine at a beautiful lakeside spot.

As a personalised option, your kids can take part in a workshop. The workshops can either be about making crafts, drawing, etc.

Please inform us if you wish to add items to your private family experience, and we’ll arrange everything!

What’s included?

√ Your private local host
√ 1 clog bike
√ Craft activity for your kids
√ Family picture

What’s not included?

• Fun train ride 3€ per person
• Kids’ bike helmet 2.50€ per person

The half day tour will last for about 4 hours.