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The Anne Tour

All Ages • Everyday • 4 to 8 hours

Quick Details

Two Children All Ages • 4 hours

In this tour, children discover the streets of Amsterdam through the eyes of Anne Frank, the most famous child writer in the world.

Through the immortalized voice of Anne Frank in her diary, children will enjoy what it is to be a kid living in the Netherlands: her streets, her parks, her city, HER STORY.

This is the only tour in Amsterdam to share the story of a young girl. an outgoing, spirited child who loved to play with her friends, and that it is known that got into far more trouble than her serious older sister ever did.

Anne was a girl that loved to tell stories and dreamt of someday becoming a famous author.
In this tour, our librarian Lotte will show you Amsterdam through the everlasting spirit of childlike wonder, resilience, and how it is that dreams do come true.

The tour includes a workshop on writing and keeping a diary. Whether your child is a confident writer and struggles to get his/her ideas down on the page.
Our relaxed approach nurtures and inspires young writers to keep on telling stories.

Good to know:

√the local carers are Dutch citizens
√the local carers have years of care experience
√the local carers in possession of an up-to-date CRB check
√the local carers are in possession of a kids First Aid certificate
√the local carers are non-smokers

What’s included?

Cultural tour
Writing workshop