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The Crown Tour

All Ages • Everyday • 4 hours

Quick Details

Two Children All Ages • 4 hours

Behold, a Royal transformation as kids become elegant princesses and shining knights – right before your eyes!

“Oo ee oo ah ah ting tang walla walla bing bang”, and swoosh!

With the whisk of our fairy godmother, Debora

Marvel as our little guests transform into proper guests from the house of Lil’ Orange.

Etiquette class included 😉 You can thank us later…

Children get to choose their outfit (princess gown or knight costume), a special hairstyle and then add makeup, and accessories, including weaponry.

Is it your first visit to Amsterdam?
Let’s make it the most memorable, why not tour properly aboard a royal carriage?
Your wish is our command!

So, watch as your young majesty or fearless knight takes a seat in a lavish carriage ride and enjoys pampering perfection, mixed with a charming interactive learning experience, courtesy of their very own fairy godmother.

We understand that you want your little ones to feel special and included, so we are here to give them the perfect Royal Amsterdam experience.

We’ll start by letting them rule the Kingdom of Lil’ Oranje…
mmm… how about… if just for a day?

Good to know:

√the local carers are Dutch citizens
√the local carers have years of care experience
√the local carers in possession of an up-to-date CRB check
√the local carers are in possession of a kids First Aid certificate
√the local carers are non-smokers

What’s included?

Royal themed suitcase
Cultural tour