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A City For The Kids: Amsterdam


Don’t we all just dream of a life of comfort? A status and state of rest from the hustle and struggles of survival? No, we may not be able to have that 365 days a year, but we can have beautiful vacations, can’t we? (Thank goodness!)

Vacations are, to say the least, heaven-sent. They are a means of rejuvenation and refreshing; a time to get down to earth in our most sublime form, allowing ourselves to be one with nature and the ease it holds. Hence, vacations must be enjoyed especially because they are special.

No doubt, “location” is very important to savoring the entirety of time set aside to release stress and worries of everyday life. Being in the most relaxing place with family or friends is total bliss, you will agree…

a small boat in a body of water

Sightseeing along Amsterdam canals, Netherlands.

Hey, good news! Amsterdam, The Netherlands, can be that perfect getaway for you. The city is pleasant for solo holidays, but even more so for family affairs. The best part of it all? Having kids is no barrier to the fun the place holds!

As you will see as you read on, Amsterdam has so much to offer without leaving anyone out—not even your tiniest that won’t sit still. With family-friendly places to see, restaurants and meals to eat, and exquisite hotels to reside in, a vacation here will be one of the best decisions you can ever make.

a boat sitting on top of a building

Again, don’t worry about being slowed down or handicapped by kids, and even babies, you have to bring along. You can always rent equipment (including toys) to get them off your hands—literally!—while you walk Amsterdam’s lovely parks, tour its historical sites, and canvas its peaceful waters. We have the perfect plug for these rentals at an affordable cost. Just stay tuned!

Excited about this journey being entered into? Then buckle your seat belts, because here are the perks Amsterdam has to offer for your family, not leaving the kids behind! We have a few suggestions under different categories.



  • VondelPark:

This park in Amsterdam used to be called “Nieuwe Park” when it was opened in the 19th century (1865). However, it got its present name from Joost van den Vondel who was a  poet in the 17th century.

With millions of visitors trooping into the serene place yearly, the park gives you and your family an all-around fun experience. It has an open-air theatre (Openlucht theatre) that features different genres of music, dance, and drama. Exciting, right? And don’t even pay more than one euro per visitor for all that goodness! Your children will be just as entertained as you.

a herd of cattle grazing on a lush green field

If your children get tired of beholding the performances, they can help themselves to the safe playgrounds where they get to meet other kids their age, connect and let you get your groove on a bit. How tempting!

To bond with your kids, you can take walks around the park and indulge in the many food service structures available. With kids satisfactorily fed and content, your vacation moves on smoothly.

  • Madame Tussauds Amsterdam:

Ah, the legendary wax figures first started by one of the greatest sculptors of her time!

A brief history, shall we?

So…Firstly, Amsterdam has this wax museum located in the very heart of the city; at Dam Square. It is close to the Palace.

It was established in the year 1970 and prides itself in being the pioneer of Madame Tussauds establishment in mainland Europe. It is the British establishment’s foremost foreign arm.

The museum had, of course, a vast number of wax, spitting replicas of popular personalities like the who-is-who in Dutch entertainment, politics, history, sports, and so on.

It was the great-great-granddaughter of Marie Tussaud (originator of Madame Tussauds)—Josephine Tussaud—that had the initiative to have the museum in Amsterdam. It wasn’t until 1970 that The Tussauds Group actualized this vision. A year later, the museum,  situated on Kalverstraat’s busy street, started receiving visitors officially. It was the first museum away from the UK.

A score of years later, the museum took up more space by moving to Dam Square.

The museum experienced a turnaround by the year 2012, introducing more modern, relatable figures and sensibilities to its visitors.

a close up of a busy city street

Nice story, right?

What’s in it for you and your family though?

Well, the wax figures will be an avenue to be taught and entertained, as they are the replicas of members of the Royal house, movie stars, leaders of nations, sports champions, popular artists, and some of your children’s legendary cartoon heroes…

Surely, you know where this “talk” has landed yet again… That’s right! Your kids will be enamored to see real-life figures of their favorites! Tell of a better fantasy come true; we’ll wait.

  • Canal Boat Tours:

To really explore and enjoy the historical and artistic beauty of Amsterdam, touring via water is the best way to go.

For this sightseeing intent, there are boat rides that you and the entire family can hop on. The boats are suited to carry a minimal number of persons and so you can rest assured that you will enjoy your ride in comfort.

Do I hear your spirit asking for a bit of luxury too while gliding over the waters? That’s no problem as your pleasure ride has the availability of drinks for you and your kids.  So it’s technically you sipping and living the good life as the wind blows through your hair.

Why a boat ride, you may still want to ask? You see, the thing is, Amsterdam’s layout is deeply linked to water. Its 165 canals built over time to aid commerce, transport, and expansion of land, are all testimonies to this fact. The city’s canal ring was acknowledged by UNESCO as a world heritage location in 2010.

Leisurely cruising through Amsterdam’s canals will beautifully open up the city to you so that you remember the experience for a  very long time.

a small boat in a harbor next to a body of water

You want further excitement from the trip? There are more options attached to the cruise that you can opt for.

You can, for instance, choose to add some sightseeing to the journey, where you get off and on again at specific locations. You can also decide on a private cruise, complete with candle lights and love in the night air for you and your family. Your children are not left out of the varieties available, of course, as there are adventures suited to their age and needs.

With affordable tickets, your children will be intrigued by the sights and retold the history of the Hermitage Museum, Anne Frank House, the Dutch National Opera & Ballet, and so on.



  • IJ-Kantine:

De IJ-kantine is an excellent restaurant that understands the sensibilities of modern needs. So, from nine in the morning till well into the night, amazing dishes from a well-thought menu are served to its many visitors. You can be one of them while holidaying with your family.

a group of people sitting at a table

The restaurant càfe has some attractive perks, like a fireplace in the lounging section and (you will like his one!) a play area for your children. Yes! They can eat something from the available child-friendly menu and then run off to play at games and toys with other kids. And, no, you don’t have to burden yourself with worried thoughts of how they are fairing without you. There is a qualified minder set to do the worrying for you.. You can, thus, enjoy your day while they enjoy theirs too! Sounds good?

Of course, with the kids off your hands, you can explore the cool, mature ambiance of the place. You can mingle with other guests and toast to a good, peaceful life. Cheers!

  • Cafe Amsterdam:

This restaurant is another spectacular place with a relaxing atmosphere that puts you in the vacation spirit before your tables are even filled with mouth-watering dishes to be served to you and your family.

a dining table in a restaurant

Cafe Amsterdam prides itself in delivering nothing but finesse, class, and, of course, excellently prepared cuisines to soothe your taste buds and fuel your hungry stomach. Everything is done in a style that keeps you and your loved ones intrigued throughout your stay, establishing memories to reminisce over later too.

In the beautifully arranged restaurant, you can organize a small or big, private or all-inclusive, dinner/party/anniversary celebration with your friends and family. It is simply that welcoming place for every holiday idea you have that involves dining.

Again, and most importantly, your kids get to have their vacation-worthy fun with provided drawing tables, interesting menus, and free coloring books.

  • Stork:

So… Do you and your family fancy freshly drawn “food” from the water? Yes? Then you should check out “Café-Restaurant Stork”.

Stork deals especially in seafood. Located towards River IJ’s northern banks, the restaurant’s menu doesn’t run short of a variety of products û the water. Instead, it offers fish found at the given time. Thus, for a healthy, fresh meal for the family to give the vibe of home away from home, you should surely try out Stork.

a dining room table in front of a building

Even if you don’t want a taste of the waters, literally, the menu is diverse enough to cover a vegetarian diet or a meaty one. You matter, whatever your meal preference is, and Stork is prepared to cater to your meal need.

More so, the restaurant offers a house special every day. It would be exciting to find out what it is bu you popping in, don’t you think?

The kids have a part in the wonders of Stork too, with their kid-friendly menu, appropriately portioned meals and relatively healthy choices.

Don’t worry; you and your kids are in safe hands.



  • Ecomama:

Ecomama is a hotel situated in the very center of Amsterdam. It provides the home-away-from-home experience that is luxurious at the same time. It is cozy and fancy—just the right blend to make your vacation stay a blissful one.

Ecomama gives you a variety of accommodation options from which you can make a choice, depending on the size or fee you have in mind. Nonetheless, all the rooms are top-tier, with enough kitchen and living room space to be shared.

a bedroom with a large window

Everything is fully furnished. There is a lounging area, bar, WiFi, and garden. This means that there will be no boring moment in the course of your stay.

The hotel gives you a terrace, entertainment in the evenings, and an avenue to interact with other “holidayers”. This communion with others in sharing experiences and stories will, no doubt, yield positive results.

Tired of being indoors? Good news! The hotel is near fascinating places like the Basilica of St. Nicholas, the Artist Zoo, and so on. Your children, thus, won’t feel trapped.

It’s all-around bliss for the kids. They get a place that feels like home, the avenue to interact with other kids like them, and then access to nearby trips to exciting places. The total package it is, won’t you agree?

  • Pulitzer Hotel:

Pulitzer Hotel is the abode to keep the holiday spirit of your family up throughout your stay. The rooms in the hotel are spacious and classy.

What’s more? Pulitzer prioritizes the entertainment needs of all its visitors, no matter what age they are.

You already see that we are bringing this to your attention, no? That’s right—your kids will love being at Pultzer!

a living room filled with furniture and a tv

“Happy kids; happy life”. Hence, it should delight you to know that the hotel has specially designed a program for little kids to keep up their spirits while you holiday. They are provided with treats, bedtime tales, toys, coloring books, and exciting hunts around the property.

Amongst the perks of staying at his amazing hotel are: daily mouth-watering breakfast, meals for kids at a subsidized price, treasure hunts with consolidation prizes, and spacious rooms with amazing views.

There should be nothing stopping you at his point.

  • Residence Inn By Marriott Amsterdam Houthavens:

This accommodation is simply your biggest fantasy of rest come true. The Inn is beautifully designed and strategically located to overlook the Houthavens harbor.

You can’t go wrong with lodging your family at this place, because it is structured just like a pleasant family home, complete with the machines and materials for practical functions in the large kitchen.

a store filled with lots of food

The hotel offers daily buffets as breakfast, sizzling with fresh-from-the-fire meals.

You and your kids can take advantage of the hotel’s pool, lounges, gym, mini-mart, and WiFi. Sounds homely already, doesn’t it? Wait till you experience the serenity and ease of visiting one of the bubbly spots close by or just sitting on the terrace and absorbing the cool air into your skin.

Overlooking a harbor as this inn does, there are boats and ships available to give you tours via water. You can entertain your kids daily this way. Surely, the easy, cool air will do a lot to keep your kids contented and peaceful.

So… There you have it!

We have looked at the what, where, and why of holidaying in Amsterdam. Through it all, we have put kids, attached to you for the vacation, into consideration. The options explored have all boiled down to one thing—what’s in it for the kids? How do these places and things fit into their small, massive lives?

Well, we hope we have adequately shown you that you have nothing to worry about as regards enjoying Amsterdam with your little ones. We believe that you have seen just how to open Amsterdam has its arms out to you and your loved ones.

However, concluding, we will not be doing enough justice as regards you relishing your vacation if we do not go back to emphasize the children and baby equipment you can rent from us. What the rental option does for you is to take more stress off your hands as a parent or guardian. You can travel light to Amsterdam and have this equipment delivered to you wherever you are.

With renting these gears, you don’t only travel light; you also vacation light, as they are a great help to ease mobility and allow you to have the rest you need.

The equipment available ranges from cots to car seats, to strollers, to bottle warmers to highchairs, and toys too. Everything to make your stay with your kids a stress-free one, we have in readiness for you.

You can book this equipment now via this link:

Why should you rent this kid-friendly equipment for your stay in Amsterdam, you may still have reason to question. Well, here are some itemized points to make things clearer:

*Renting equipment is just like recycling products. Wastage is prevented that way.

*Booking your equipment from us allows you to travel light and comfortably, as opposed to being saddled with all that luggage from wherever you may be journeying from.

*Renting is more affordable and economical, saving you on finance, space, energy, and time.

*All the rentals are brought to your abode, thereby making the beginning of your holiday a pleasant one. This point shoots off from the last as regards saving time and energy.

*All the rented products are sanitized carefully and made safe for use by your kids.

*We care about you enough to serve you as diligently and dutifully as you deserve; this involves listening to your specific needs and sorting out your complaints.

There you have all the answers you may have been searching for concerning getting yourself kitted up to spend a vacation with your kids. You should allow yourself and your family to have the rest and fun you all deserve without worries or inhibitions.

Remember that you are worth everything good. Click on that link for the rentals now, buy your tickets, make those reservations, and let’s begin a holiday!


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