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Cycling safely and enjoy like a local in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is famous for their cargo bikes allowing families to get from A to B. So you can explore the city like a local and carry the kids and shopping bags in the trunk.
Amsterdam should be a cyclist’s dream. Amsterdam is very bicycle-friendly. It’s pancake flat and almost everyone gets around on two wheels. Cycling is the fastest and one of the most enjoyable ways to get to know the city. Renting a bike and cycling through wonderful Amsterdam lets you explore hidden gems.

a group of people riding on the back of a bicycle


Follow the traffic regulations

Amsterdam might resemble a cyclists’ free-for-all, with bikes zipping into every available space, but there are rules and cycling isn’t permitted everywhere.
  • Stick to the cycle paths
  • keep to the right and cycle in the same direction as the other bikers
  • give way to traffic coming from the right
  • stop at the red traffic lights
  • Let others know what you are planning to do, use hand signals and make eye contact
  • cross tram rails at right angles so your wheels don’t get caught
  • Beware of scooters, they often drive at high speed in the bike lane
  • always lock your bicycle securely and
  • Park your bike at designated parking facilities
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