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STADSSTRAND KAAP: Your Oasis of Unrestricted Joy and Sustainable Enjoyment

Amidst the fringes of our capital city lies an open gateway to a haven of boundless fun and conscious indulgence – Stadsstrand Kaap. Imagine a true urban beachfront, where the doors swing open to a realm of carefree enjoyment and sustainable pleasures. Here, a vibrant cityscape meets rugged panoramas, with industrial echoes and the gentle lull of water as your backdrop. Set against the contours of Amsterdam, tucked away from the bustling ring road, it’s a space we affectionately refer to as ‘The Outer Rim.’

A Vortex of Freedom: Your City Beach

This city beach, your sanctuary, is easily accessible by all forms of transport (though biking is definitely the coolest!). From your first cup of coffee or fresh juice to your last dance moves in the sand – this is where you’ll experience the rhythm of life. It’s a pulsating heart fueled by your energy. And the connecting threads? A vegetarian menu, local produce, and programming that keeps an open mind.

Growing with Love: Yours and Ours

Kaap thrives on the love and passion of like-minded individuals spanning all ages and preferences. And speaking of preferences, Kaap brings a unique and honest menu to the table, with special attention to dishes crafted with heart and soul. Amidst heartwarming cocktails, wines, and other beverages, Kaap offers a haven for casual dining or indulging in long and lavish meals.

A Playground for Celebration

At Kaap, there’s space to roar and rejoice. Let the kids run wild – there are pancakes and an endless supply of lemonade to fuel their energy. Plus, there are wildly imaginative and educational activities led by Martine, who some might recognize from the summer activities with the little ones on Kaap’s beach. These events are also available on request, perfect for birthday parties and special occasions.

Yoga for All: Unite Your Body and Spirit

And why not enhance your experience with a spot of yoga? At Kaap, we bring the practice outdoors when the weather allows, and we move indoors when it’s a bit less kind. These yoga sessions are inclusive, suitable for everyone – young, old, experienced yogis, or complete beginners. If you’re curious, you’re welcome to join for a session, just remember to bring your own mat.

Stadsstrand Kaap is more than just a location; it’s a testament to the fusion of urban living, sustainability, and joyful moments. From mindful meals to creative activities and even yoga, every experience at Kaap is an invitation to embrace life’s simple pleasures, whether you’re young or young at heart. So, whether you’re seeking a vibrant beachside escape, a playful adventure for your kids, or a serene yoga session, Stadsstrand Kaap awaits you with open arms and endless smiles.

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